Saturday, April 1, 2017

Super Pretty Monthlies!

This will be a part of the Monthly Gallery on the new site. I apologize for the delay in Part Three of Mood Tracking: The Mood Mandala.  I was waiting to finish the new website before i finished the post. Because making a new website will only take a jiffy right? 😅 That's what they say, don't they? Make a website in one day, no problem!  👌 Well, I personally have found there are some problems.. I mean challenges. There are some challenges that with some positive thinking, button pushing and praying to the Lord above, shall be solved by Wednesday at the latest. Or there is no God. :) Just kidding. haha. Oh well, not too much longer, I'm sure.

In the meantime here are some great monthlies I will simply throw at you at the moment.  Since they are so super pretty, I know you won't mind.

We all need more giant birds in our bujos.

Playing with colour.

The quote is a good reminder, (also funny). 

Trying out watercolours in a bullet journal? Why not?

This April spread is blooming with Spring.  Flowers are a nice way to enliven your journal. And there are many easy ones you can try. Check out @theRevisionGuide on IG.

A soft, airy monthly log with habit tracker. The airplanes.. 

Try out this simple but lovely monthly. The soft accents of (Mauve? Lilac?) add lovely freshness.

Mildliners are gold. As @wavy studies shows with her soft, pretty calendar plan.

Can botanicals ever be a bad idea?

You could try a sophisticated kind of pretty with, for example, forest green joining the rose-gold.

Simplicity has beauty to spare. Straight lines, a simple plan, and precise letters in a wonderful, raspberry-ish shade.

Again, I must remind you that jtrafton is a published childrens' book author and illustrator. We can admire!

Look how attractive adding a soft undulating curve to a calendar can look. And the flowers aren't bad either 😉

Again, watercolours. If you don't use too much water, it shouldn't be a problem. 

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Can there be too much lavender?
 (No, there can't)

Lovely botanicals adds elegance to @bonjournal_'s bujo. And she sometimes adds how-tos to her IG account.

Again, botanicals, never a bad idea.


A monthly log utilizing 2 columns and doodles with charm to spare.

Super pretty, all.

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