Wednesday, March 15, 2017

18 Super Pretty Weeklies

Weeklies? What about intros and keys and future logs? We can get to that. I find with keys it's better to start with a temporary one until you see what actually works for you. People sometimes find they change the symbols they use as they go along. Leave a page for it or do it in pencil and go on. And a future log? You could start there, sure, but let's check out some weeklies today, so you can get some inspiration.

To be honest, I'm just excited to show more weeklies. 😆 One of the reasons I started this blog was for another outlet to show all these wonderful styles of spreads! I can only do so many on the Instagram account. And who says you have to choose a style? Personally I might do simple one week and more involved the next.

Be inspired by the following spreads; don't be discouraged or intimidated; no one made masterpiece spreads at the beginning! Well, unless they were an artist or something. And you don't need to get fancy, ever, if you don't want to. If you do want to, one step at a time. Let's just take a look at some lovely journal pages that people have created.

tumblr j-christabel

Is it possible to look at this weekly without smiling inside? If you're not a cat person perhaps. But we'll forgive you. So beautifully done.

How lovely is that iris (yes?) and the shades of purple are divine. Keeping the set-up otherwise simple.

tumblr galiteo

These days there seems to be an uptick in the popularity of yellow. As one Instagrammer noted, Yellow is the new black. Are you good with that? I am remarkably good with that. haha.  Fresh weekly with bold numbers, tidy handwriting, and a couple of flourishes of lettering.

She didn't have any washi tape so she just drew some cloud 'washi'  because why not. Looks great.

Love the look of simple green ginko leaves against white. You could just use a few stickers if you'd like to adjust the look of a simple layout like this.

tumblr sentimental-studies

Love the purple along with the white highlights on the January header. Have you tried it? I bought a white pen unsuited to the task (or else I'm just bad at it.. shh)

 Beautiful use of washi tape, different headers, and playful lettering.

How lovely to see @that_journal's weekly with all her headers together in one pic.


It was not credited although the page on the left has the elegant style of one tumblr user, and the one on the right is adorable. (Please comment if you know who created it.)

Orderly and charming with trackers on her dutch door. Let's take a look at dutch doors in the future. They're so fun.

The dog looks super pretty 💕

In case anyone didn't see this when BJC on Instagram reposted it, so lovely.

Lovely natural feel, helped by the doodles and by ditching the ruler for the lines that separate the days.

Cheerful use of washi tape, line drawing, and inspirational paper adhered to the page.

Could that be, oh I don't know, lavender? 😉👌

Looks smoothly, magically calm. Like Martha Stewart had a baby with Chriss-- Never mind. Let's just say it looks preternaturally calming.

Stumbled upon this account, such a charming painting style :)

Spring is in the air. This proves it. Yes.

So many spreads saved for another time so it wouldn't be too unwieldy 😲 Hope you enjoyed looking at them half as much as i did! Have any faves? If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it. I mean I will totally answer it whether it helps you or not. No comment shall be left behind! 😄

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